The Small School

The Small School, Hartland was established in 1982 as a pioneering example of human-scale education, providing secondary education to children aged 11 - 16. With a maximum of 40 pupils on the roll, the school offered a unique, holistic and personalised approach to education with a broad and creative curriculum.

After 35 glorious and ground-breaking years practicing holistic education for young people, The Small School is undergoing a transformation. The Small School will be the foundation for a new centre for education, environment and the arts in Hartland. 

The Trustees of the Small School are working closely with the local community to ensure that the developing education centre reflects the need of the local and wider community, while maintaining provision inline with the original spirit and ethos of The Small School. 

We will be posting updates on developments at The Small School on this website. 

With gratitude and kind wishes,

The Trustees of The Small School 

February 2018