Ofsted 2016

After months of implementing our Action Plan, Ofsted have finally made their follow up monitoring visit. Overall, we felt the visit was a positive experience and a very constructive dialogue took place between us and the inspector. We were able to show that a great deal of progress has been made since last May. However, the visit was unannounced and the inspector chose to visit on a day when our Headteacher was absent and unavailable.

This means that there are still some outstanding items that Ofsted will need to go over before they are satisfied that we have met all of their standards. This is reflected in their monitoring report. As a result we will be asked to submit a follow-up Action Plan which will address the things the inspector was unable to see. Happily, many of the actions that will be required we have already completed and we will be sending Ofsted evidence to that effect. We expect that the Inspector will then make a further monitoring visit. We are committed to continuing along the path of improvement that we have been following over the last year and our current School Improvement Plan can be viewed here. We look forward to sending you further evidence of our progress after Ofsted make their next visit.

The full report can be downloaded here.