Jane Shipman - English & History

Head shot of JaneMy teaching background is in Further Education where I initially worked as a Basic Skills teacher.  I then spent 12 years training other people to teach where I came into contact with a variety of subjects and different teaching situations.  Two of my students were teachers here, so although I’ve known about the Small School since I moved to this area back in 1993, I really got to know about the ethos of the School whilst they were training with me.  The ideas they discussed about teaching and education had a big impact on me. I took a year out in 2012 after becoming disheartened with mainstream education, but I realised I missed teaching so when the history and geography post was advertised, I decided to apply.  Although history has always been a passion, and I’m thrilled to be teaching it, geography is a subject where I’ll be adopting the "let’s find out together" approach and I expect to learn as much as my students will. I love working with small groups of students who are keen to achieve and have an interest in their subjects. I see sharing knowledge as a way that we can all learn.