Lauren Hutchings - Science

Head shot of LaurenI have always had a keen interest in science and the environment. Prior to teaching, I worked in areas as diverse as a bird hospital and pharmaceutical research. I also travelled widely in SE Asia and North America. I became Head of Science at the prestigious St Olave's Grammar School, Orpington, until family circumstances led to my return to Devon. I resumed teaching, part-time, and later joined D.C.C.'s Link Education Service where I refined my skills in working with children who have special educational needs.

I am delighted to share my enthusiasm for science within a community that believes that the school should fit the child, not the child the school. One where the child as a person is the focus and not how many boxes have been ticked.

It is my aim to provide a curriculum that is both stimulating and relevant: whether as part of a general education or as a path to a science based career. To this end we offer GCSEs in Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.